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Get Married in a Balloon!

We have the only ordained minister/pilot in the region on staff, and he can perform your wedding ceremony with or without a hot air balloon. Here are some common questions and ideas to help you decide if a balloon wedding is right for you:

What is involved in a balloon wedding?
Most of the balloon weddings we perform are small affairs, with the bride and groom flying in the balloon with our pilot who is an ordained minister. The actual wedding ceremony usually takes place while in flight.

We can fly additional guests in multiple balloons. Sometimes wedding guests will follow the balloon's chase crew in their own vehicle, so they can be there when the balloon lands and greet the newly married couple.

Are witnesses needed?
No. In Texas, no witnesses are required. Only three people are required for a legal marriage - the bride, groom, and officiant (our minister/pilot).

How and where do we get our marriage licence?
Please see our page with marriage license information.

How much does a balloon wedding cost?
There are three costs for a balloon wedding. The marriage licence will cost $41.00 (paid to the County Clerk who issues the license), $150.00 for our minister/pilot to perform the wedding, and the normal balloon flight cost of $200.00 per passenger.

Can we write our own vows?
Of course, we are happy to use your vows, or you can choose one of our suggested vows:
Standard Christian Ceremony
Short Christian Ceremony

What if the weather is bad when our wedding flight is scheduled?
If the weather is not safe for flight, you can decide if you want to reschedule the flight and wedding for another date, or if you prefer to keep the date for your wedding, we can perform the wedding on the ground without the balloon. There is no charge for the balloon flight if it doesn't take place due to weather - your only cost would be $150.00 for our minister to perform the wedding (plus the marriage licence cost which should already be paid).

What if we don't want a balloon wedding?
Our minister can perform your wedding ceremony anywhere you like. Many people get married in their home, at a park, at work, or even less traditional locations like on a boat or in a plane. Feel free to call and discuss your ideas with us.


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